Marijuana vs. Pharmaceuticals


Marijuana vs. Pharmaceuticals

There’s good reason why weed is gaining in global popularity as a medical alternative and/or supplement to many prescription pharmaceuticals. While there will always be a need for certain prescription drugs, marijuana does offer a wide array of advantages and benefits, including:

  • Marijuana is non-addictive. Although some believe that marijuana can be addictive, the fact remains that the vast majority of research studies show that it isn’t. What’s not debatable, however, is that the growing opioid addiction epidemic is taking many lives – and that several Big Pharma companies are facing (and losing) huge lawsuits due to their guilt in trying to cover up the addiction issues caused by opioids.  

  • Marijuana is very effective for a wide array of ailments. Many studies also reveal that marijuana is just as effective as prescription drugs that target the same ailments. And again, without the risk of addiction. Just some of the diseases and health issues marijuana is proven to treat include: glaucoma, chronic pain, depression, arthritis, back pain, headaches, Alzheimer’s, cancer side effects such as nausea, sleep disorders, anxiety, and more. The list goes on and on!

  • There are far fewer side effects with marijuana. Prescription drugs are well known for their long lists of possible side effects, many of which are serious and even life-threatening. On the other hand, other than getting a buzz, a little sleepy (depending on the strain you choose), and maybe the munchies, the side effects of marijuana are minimal. 

  • Weed is readily accessible. The growing legalization of weed means that it’s increasingly available and accessible (including Spain and across Europe).

  • Weed is less expensive than prescription pharmaceuticals. It’s no secret that Big Pharma companies overcharge for their drugs…big time! That’s because for so many years Big Pharma was the only game in town and could charge whatever they wanted. Across the globe, patients complained about being ripped off by the high cost of prescription drugs, yet they had no other option. But now — with marijuana being legalized and recognized as a proven treatment for a wide array of ailments — consumers do have a choice. And thanks to the fact that marijuana can be abundantly grown as opposed to manufactured like Big Pharma drugs (in addition to the sky high cost of R&D and advertising expense that goes into pharmaceuticals), the price of pot is generally a fraction of prescription drugs.

Should I talk to my doctor first before using marijuana for medical purposes?

Absolutely, yes: you should always discuss any drugs you’re using – including marijuana – with your physician. Keep in mind that marijuana may not completely replace a prescription drug for your specific illness, plus you want to make sure that weed won’t interfere or cause a negative interaction with a prescription drug that really is necessary in your case.  With that said, if you have an ailment that you believe marijuana can help, be sure to ask your physician.

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