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Cannabis lubricant? Why not!?

Cannabis beauty and care products are the next big thing in the cannabis industry. Click here to find out more about cannabis lifestyle.

The first Cannabis cooking contest

The first-ever competitive cannabis cooking show. Netflix announced the premiere of a cooking show where the principal ingredient is marijuana. Click here to know more about it!

How to smoke marijuana from a bong?

The first thing we have to tell you is that Bongs are a tool that has become very popular lately, however many skilled smokers have always turned almost anything into a bong.

Pablo Nicasso, a passionate artist

At Weed Girls, we love finding artists who demonstrate that the real passion comes from the heart. Pablo Nicasso is a true example of this.

The woman who became the Queen of Hash

The first thing she smoked was hashish at the age of 20, by the end of 1964, and since then she did not try anything else because it became her favorite drug.

Weed Girls at Spannabis 2019

Cannabis lovers around the world celebrated 16th edition of the Spannabis in Barcelona. The Weed Girls were present, spending some time with the attendees, distributing Weed Girls Calendar 2019 and more!

Why cannabis causes red eyes?

Red eyes are probably the first and most obvious evidence that someone is high. But have you ever wondered why does that happen?

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