New Study Goes Nuts Over Marijuana!


New Study Goes Nuts Over Marijuana!

Smoking weed shown to increase sperm count

According to a recent Harvard research study published in Human Reproduction, men who have smoked marijuana have a substantially higher sperm count than those who haven’t. The study is especially interesting in that for years it’s been thought that weed actually harms one’s reproductive health.

Research reverses previous thought on marijuana’s effect on fertility

Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center, involved participants producing a total of 1143 semen samples. Approximately half of the participants also provided blood samples, allowing the researches to measure their reproductive hormone concentrations.

Participants were asked if they have ever smoked marijuana and 365 reported that they had at some point. The rest said they have never smoked weed. The results were as follows:

  • Marijuana smokers had higher sperm counts. The vast majority of the 365 participants who said they smoked weed had significantly higher sperm counts than the non-smokers. The numbers were an average of 62.7 million/mL for weed smokers compared to 45.4 million/mL for non-smokers.

  • The time frame of use did not affect results. Interestingly, it made no difference whether the participant was a current or past weed smoker. In other words, the results indicated that weed may not have just a temporary effect on male fertility.

  • The more marijuana, the higher the testosterone levels. The research also indicated a positive association with marijuana use and serum testosterone levels.

Is weed the answer to infertility among men?

While the study’s results are very interesting – in large part because they contradict previous thought on weed’s effect on fertility – it does not mean that all men can increase their sperm count by smoking weed. What it does indicate is that smoking weed likely won’t decrease it. As marijuana is legalized in an increasing number of countries across the globe, more research studies will be done and more knowledge will be gained. In the meantime, for all of you tokers out there who are looking to have kids one day, don’t worry, be happy – because according to this study, weed won’t just get you high, but your sperm count, too!

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