Cannabis lubricant? Why not!?


Cannabis lubricant? Why not!?

We’ve been watching all over the internet a lot of cannabis-infused products of all kinds, but lately, there’s been an uprising in the sex segment with unique lubricants infused with THC and CBD to make sex more intense and enjoyable for women and man.

What’s in the box? 15 minutes of uninterrupted orgasm. It sounds utopian and unlikely, but those who have used it, say that their sex life has had a before and after.

This cannabis lubricant is known to have a multi-orgasmic effect a few minutes after the application: at first, it makes you feel some kind of tingling or heat sensation, and next, the muscles relax and the vaginal tissues become sensitized. For marijuana lovers, this can be amazing!

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Eco-friendly Cannabis Products

Marijuana extracts have been used for many years as cannabis sexual stimulants, approximately since the 1960s. Hippies communities around California and San Francisco began to take advantage of the benefits of cannabis to stimulate natural lubrication, because the cannabinoids act as local anesthetics and protect against dangerous pathogens.

The most popular commercial brand on the market is “Foria”, a 100% vegetable lubricant, free of chemical additives and therefore, totally edible too. It’s made from cannabis with THC and boosted with coconut oil, which ensures a good smell and natural protection. The product comes in the presentation of spray dispenser and each spray contains approximately 2mg of cannabis.

Homemade cannabis lubricant

If you were wondering how to DIY this kind of cannabis sexual products, here is a little solution for you to have the benefits of cannabis oil at your home:


  • 10-15 grams of marijuana
  • 400 grams of coconut oil
  • Filter or strainer


  • First, you must heat the coconut oil in a saucepan.
  • Grind the herbs and do a mixture along with the oil in the saucepan.
  • Heat the mixture on low heat on a water bath for an hour, stirring constantly. Remember not to heat up too much so you won’t diminish the effects of THC.
  • Then, when you have a homogeneous mixture, let it cool.
  • Finally, filter out all the flower and raw material and put the rest in the fridge to solidify for better consistency.
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