The Queens of Marijuana on Instagram – Part 1


The Queens of Marijuana on Instagram – Part 1


The world of social media has made many people stars: fashion bloggers, make-up artists and many other talented people. They have taken advantage of these platforms to propel themselves and reach millions of people around the world. Marijuana lovers have not been the exception and they are recognized through Instagram as the true-heads of cannabis.

We did an investigation about the most influential women in the cannabis community around the world and we spoke to three of them so you can enjoy their high content! Here’s the first interview:

Alissa Newman |

She is originally from Roanoke, Virginia but now she is living in Orlando, Florida. The first time she smoked marijuana was probably at 16 when she was “a rebel teenager”. She doesn’t have a favorite marijuana strain as she prefers “sativa” during the day and “indica” at night. When she’s high, she actually is very active and does all of her daily tasks.

In her Instagram account, you can see that she smoke a lot from a vaporizer because she loves to vape! It’s her full-time job and she prefers to smoke joints for her flower and smoke pens for her oils. Based on the experience that she has had, her Instagram followers like when she promotes new products and also the quality of her pictures.

When talking about the relationship between eroticism and marijuana, she thinks that it all depends on the person and the effects. She personally feels that cannabis helps to lower anxiety in women. She believes in medicinal cannabis and has become an advocate on making it legal in the United States. She uses it for herself and a lot of her friends and family do it as well.

Despite the great impact she has on social networks, her day-to-day is as normal as anybody else’s. She wakes up, workout and eat breakfast before she starts working: being present on social media by posting her pictures. She loves going for hikes, watching movies, cuddling with her husband, playing with her dogs and going to the beach.

About the meaning of being a Weedgirl, she feels proud to be able to represent the industry!

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