Marijuana and sports


Marijuana and sports

If you are an athlete you will know that you have to be very aware of the substances you consume and the consequences they have on your body. Also, if you are a professional athlete, you may have explicitly prohibited from taking any type of psychoactive substance. There are several substances that can give an advantage in certain sports, but what about marijuana and sports?

During the last few years, the consumption of cannabis around the world has increased, and with this, we have seen an evolution of the stereotypical vision of people who use cannabis. Little by little, the benefits of marijuana are being known and proven. So much so, that there are athletes that promote and support the use of marijuana in sports.

Due to the fact that marijuana has multiple medicinal benefits for our body, it is very common to hear that many professional athletes use it. Keep in mind that it is not something that is legal in all sports.

Several sports organizations, in recent years, have announced whether they are in favor of or against the use of marijuana in their sport. There are some organizations, like the NBA, that only allow the consumption of cannabis out of season, and prohibit the consumption before the games. Then there are other organizations like the MMA that allow and promote the consumption of CBD to help their athletes recover after fighting.

The World Anti-Doping Agency removed the CBD from its list of banned substances in 2018, demonstrating once again that the properties of cannabis go beyond a simple psychoactive blind.

How can athletes benefit from marijuana?

One of the main reasons why marijuana is used in sports is its anti-inflammatory properties, especially effective in contact sports; Many of these athletes use cannabis after struggling to calm their pains and recover as soon as possible. The former Irish MMA fighter, Conor McGregor, after the legalization of the CBD in the UFC, made public his use of marijuana and has been seen in coffee shops in Amsterdam.

There are other athletes, such as athletes who participate in marathons, who use marijuana to maintain concentration. It has been shown that running for a long time, the brain releases substances incredibly similar to cannabinoids obtained from cannabis, and some runners confirm having some kind of “high” after a marathon. This is why there are athletes who consume cannabis before going out for a run since it helps to achieve that “runner’s high”, increasing concentration and helping them to enjoy and increase performance.

Relaxes muscles and increases concentration

If that was not enough, marijuana is also a muscle relaxant – there are many people around the world who use cannabis after sports or exercise to relax their muscles and recover as soon as possible.

Several studies have shown that marijuana can have a really great effect when it comes to increasing concentration and performance in certain sports such as running. It has also been shown to be effective in soothing muscle aches that are often experienced by those who practice contact sports or more intense sports such as rugby.

Taking all this into account, it should be noted that it is very unlikely that marijuana will be that beneficial and effective for all sports. Cannabis can reduce eye-hand coordination, which means that it is not a good idea to smoke a joint before going on a bike or doing a sport that requires concentration and coordination – although there are several retired NBA players who confirm having played almost all your matches after you have used marijuana.

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