Holy Cannabis: The Marijuana Religion


Holy Cannabis: The Marijuana Religion

Denver (Colorado) is the city where you can find what surely is one of the most picturesque churches in the world: The International Cannabis Church.

This American church was founded by a group of people who “were dissatisfied with the organized religions that separated them at birth instead of creating a community that would include them all,” says Lee Molloy, co-founder and spokesman of the elevation cult.

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The church is the spiritual and administrative headquarters of a new belief called “elevationism” which is defined as “the belief that the personal, spiritual journey can be helped through the ritual use of cannabis”. Thus, in a guided way, its members can use the “sacred flower” to reveal the best version of themselves or discover a creative voice, among other things.

The “elevationism” considers cannabis as a sacrament that allows the “elevationists” to transcend their physical experience and develop spiritual understanding. Although there is no prophet or sacred book on which the “elevationism” is based, some fundamental values ​​are promoted, such as peace, love, kindness, charity and good behavior in the community. Your faithful should only follow one rule, the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated by them.

The International Cannabis Church headquarters are located in an old Church constructed 113 years ago, which they have rehabilitated thanks to the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, who has filled the walls with astounding painted murals.

As expected, the opening of this new church concept did not excite everyone. In fact, in its beginnings, it had a lot of negative reception and resistance before achieving healthy coexistence with neighbors. However, politicians and religious continue to seek closure of the church. “Like religions for centuries, we have suffered persecution by state authorities,” says Molloy, who also adds: “we intend to defend our rights protected by the First Amendment that contemplates the Freedom of Religion “

Around 40 people come regularly to the church, although the elevation has already thousands of followers who support this new religion through the Internet. It is a community that is quite faithful and committed to the cause since many of them claim to perform the corresponding rituals from home (are you feeling identified yet?).

The only condition that has been made so anyone can attend their ceremonies and meetings is to be invited by another member of the group. In this sense, they avoid being accused by the state police, who can still stop them even though cannabis is legalized. The reason is as simple as it is obvious: since cannabis is still typified as a drug, this Cannabis Church can not be open to everyone since that would encourage and stimulate the “consumption” of “drugs”.

For those who have found their soulmates that take them to fly high, this church allows them to consummate their union in a civil way, making weddings with up to 200 guests. In order to do it, the contracting parties only have to follow the “elevation rite”. Which one of you would say “yes, I do”?

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