Weed Girls at Spannabis

Cannabis lovers around the world celebrated 16th edition of the Spannabis in Barcelona. The Weed Girls were present, spending some time with the attendees, distributing Weed Girls Calendar 2019, taking pictures, presenting the new edition of Weed Girls Magazine and of course, enjoying all the good vibes of the event.

Weed Girls into the global epicentre of the cannabis industry

For one more year, Spannabis turned Barcelona into the global epicentre of the hemp industry. More than 300 exhibitors of brands from around the world participated in the fair, all of them dedicated to very diverse uses of the plant, from textiles and food to accessories for consumption or cosmetics. This year, around 25,000 people assisted to the fair in Cornellà.

Spannabis is the largest marijuana networking event for entrepreneurs and investors from more than 50 different countries. Along with the area of exhibitors, attendees could assist to the World Cannabis Conferences and listen to the talks held by specialized speakers and political representatives that gave their opinion regarding international regulations and their vision of the future and strategic alliances in order to grow the industry, among other topics.

The 16th Spannabis Barcelona presented other novelties, such as the extension of the exhibition area and food trucks, a new pavilion to increase capacity and an additional legal assistance stand available for visitors to clarify their doubts about the use of cannabis in Europe and the Spanish legal framework.

The Weed Girls held interviews with Carlos Garzón, Director of Cannabeer, Alex Smith, from Snail, Mark Hickman from The Barney’s Farm, Javier Lorente from Bulldog Amsterdam, Green-Jay and the team of Oh Holy Mary that captivated all attendees with their outfit of nuns and their lubricant made from cannabis sativa.

The best thing about this experience was the reception of the audience in front of our presence, the enthusiasm to receive our calendars and the good vibes that created great bonds during these three days.

Music and performance

Among other music personalities, the day of the conference, the event was attended by singer Damian Marley, son of Bob Marley, who has claimed the “legalization of cannabis and its industry”.

In addition, Spannabis 2019 featured the participation of artists such as Chalart58 – Matah & Classy Horns, Sista Livity and Good Over Evil, DJ Rambla, Mina Collective, Warriors of Dub, Mahom Dub, Full Dub, Weeding Dub, Karlixx, Purple Rocket , Green Beats, Psygroo or Cockfight 420 Backyard Battle, among many other successful reggae artists.

Spannabis 2019 Awards

At the end of the event, the most innovative exhibiting companies were honored, voted by hundreds of professionals throughout the three days of the fair. This year the categories were Best SEED BANK, Best NUTRIENT, Best CULTIVATION PRODUCT, Best POST-CULTIVATION PRODUCT, Best PARAPHERNALIA PRODUCT, Best HEMP PRODUCT, Best VAPORIZER, Best NEW PRODUCT and Best STAND.

Weed Girls at Spannabis


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