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Indica vs Sativa: The Basics

We all know that marijuana is the flower of the cannabis plant, but it has two popular family types that are Indica and Sativa. Indica is known for its body high while Sativa is known for its cerebral high, but what are the main differences between these two kinds of marijuana? well, find all you need to know down below.


Indica strains are originally from the Middle East and northern Africa, a very harsh growing environment. Sativa strains are mainly from a more template tropical region close to the equator like Mexico, Colombia, and Thailand. Nowadays growers are more fond to cultivate Indicas because of the shorter time of harvest than Sativas.


Indica plants are like a small bush, short in height but wider with broad thick and wide leaves. The indica buds have a denser and round looking nuggets.

Sativa plants are tall with slender leaves they can even reach 12 feet high when cultivated outdoor, its buds are thinner, feathery and less dense than indica with a more rectangular shape.

April 20 has become a strong tradition among marijuana users. Many of us celebrate 420 and, even when we look at the clock, we choose 420 as an ideal time to enjoy a joint, but do we really know the reason?

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For recreational purposes:

  • Sativas are known for the uplifting mood, energizing feeling, cerebral high- They are recommended for daytime.
  • Indicas are known for the relaxation, body high and stoned feeling. They are recommended for night time.

For medicinal purposes:

  • Sativas are known for their effectiveness treating migraines, chronic pain, nausea and for uplifting energy, they also work very well for focus.
  • Indicas are known for the relaxed high so they are ideal for insomnia and other sleep problems in addition to this indicas are also very good for muscle spasms and anxiety, also they have more CBD than sativas so it has more health benefits.


It really doesn’t matter what kind of strain you prefer there is always one that will be perfect for you whether is Indica, Sativa or Hybrid they can offer a lot of recreational and medicinal reliefs.

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