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Allyson’s Photoshoots

Allyson’s Biography

Beauty and the Weed

The same girl who had given Allyson her first cigarette was also the first to pass the model her first joint, an experience she would “never forget.” Her friends had warned her the weed was strong, but four hits in she still hadn’t felt anything and ended up a bit let down. It wasn’t until the following day when she decided to give cannabis a second try that she smoked so much she felt sick, but still ended up falling in love with the plant.

“Because I smoke everyday, I do a million and one things high.”

Strong flavors are this Weed Girl’s weakness. Her favorite strains are Haze and Lemon, but she made the ultimate discovery when she tried Champagne Haze during one of her trips to Amsterdam.

After trying weed for the second time, she hasn’t been able to stay away. Allyson travels, plays sports, parties and tries new things, always with a spliff in hand. You could say that smoking is simply a part of her routine.

Allyson is insatiable and thanks to cannabis she can eat everything her heart desires.  There’s nothing more pleasurable for her than smoking and eating–it’s the perfect combination!

Alcohol or Cannabis?

“Obviously marijuana since I don’t have any other option!” Allyson will tell you, always with a laugh. Alcohol is just not her thing. Instead, she remains a faithful lover to the sweet sticky icky.

Unlike alcohol, weed doesn’t make you aggressive, it doesn’t prevent you from speaking coherently and it doesn’t make you do stupid stuff, according to Allyson. If you have the chance to party with this beauty, you should know that she hates the smell of alcohol on a man, but she loves the smell of marijuana.

On Being a Weed Girl

The best part of being a Weed Girl is being able to smoke and learn during photo shoots, something she really appreciates.

“I feel comfortable.”

She feels comfortable with Team Weed Girls because they treat her well and they take care of her and her fellow models.

Let’s Get Physical

Her body is adorned with thirty-three tattoos, the first done when she turned 18. While each of them is special to her, there’s one tattoo in particular that she feels represents her more than any other at this time in her life.

“…BDSM…is a part of myself that I’ve recently discovered and that I really enjoy.”

Her favorite tattoo is of a girl wearing a BDSM mask accompanied by the word “slave.” This  image is very special because it’s a part of herself that she’s only recently discovered and that she really enjoys.

“Before, I didn’t like myself, but I’ve learned to love myself.”

Allyson didn’t use to feel comfortable with her body, but she’s learned to love it. She considers her lips to be her most precious asset, perfectly proportioned, small but full.

Light My Fire

What she looks for, both in guys and in girls, is someone who understands her, a person with whom she can talk and communicate. It’s important for her to feel supported and for that person to convey a sense of genuine kindness.

“If you give me a joint, I’ll be happy no matter what.”

Allyson isn’t in a hurry to get into a relationship, but if you want to win her over, all you have to do is give her a dank joint and remember what’s most important to her: understanding, kindness, intelligence, respect and honesty. Being into BDSM is definitely a plus.

Her Spirit Animal

Even though she doesn’t identify with any animal in particular, she loves all creatures and admits to really liking insects.

“Everyone changes over time.”

Allyson is a restless spirit; she’s not the same woman she was yesterday or will be tomorrow. She considers herself strong, courageous and sensitive. However, she cannot be completely defined–she changes depending on the situation.

“The truth is, there are a lot of things I would do…there’s a lot that I’m sure I haven’t even heard of yet. I like to try things.”

The craziest things she’s ever done are make incisions on her back with a scalpel as well as practice the BDSM technique “pulling” in which she stuck a hook into her right forearm and stretched the skin.

“Singing is something I’ve been doing since I was a little girl.”

Allyson has a lot of hobbies, like singing and dancing; she even gave pole dancing a shot. Trying new and different things are part of her personality.

When she goes out she likes trance music because there’s no specific dance, but rather “absolute freedom,” as she puts it. The model also listens to rap, reggae and dubstep, “especially if [she’s] surrounded by friends.”

Personal Life

After a long day at work, laziness starts to set in and even though this Weed Girl loves food, she won’t make herself anything. At this stage in her life she’s not really into cooking.

“I sing everywhere. The shower is especially awesome.”

While Allyson can indulge in leisure time when she gets home, she still enjoys singing in every corner of her apartment. Exhaustion doesn’t have to limit your freedom.

Hear Me Roar

It’s not all fat joints and sadomasochism for this beauty. If she were in a position of power, Allyson would make sure to provide food, shelter and clean drinking water to those living in extreme poverty.

Because she enjoys smoking weed, the actions the state is taking in regard to the legalization of marijuana worry her. She’s concerned about the costs associated with cannabis dispensaries and the excessive controls placed on growers.


Allyson was born in Mataró, a beach town just outside Barcelona, Spain and currently lives in Barcelona. She works in a screen-printing business owned by her family.

She doesn’t see herself ever working a set job because she doesn’t want to be trapped in the routine of any one profession. The model would prefer to constantly travel, making for an ever-changing lifestyle.

A lover of forests and mountains, her favorite place in the world is a small village called Castellar de Nuch, located near the country of Andorra. Steeped in old-world charm and made of stone, surrounded by cows, pasture and rivers, it’s a place that she finds “very peaceful.”

Allyson follows the work of many photographers because she loves art, especially nude pieces, of which she’s a “huge fan.”



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