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Beauty and the Weed

When we met with Kissa, we asked her about her first time with marijuana and she confessed that she was sixteen and with her friends. It was a milestone–the world seemed to open and she felt the irresistible need to experiment.

“…I like to go wild and have a good time…”

Her favorite type of weed is sativa. She prefers to be energetic and alert, feeling her emotions and living her life to the fullest. When stoned, she likes to laugh and sometimes even cry. Kissa really knows how to live.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

While this girl knows how to enjoy both a dank joint and a good cocktail, there’s a time for everything. Weed is for unwinding, but when it’s time to party, she’ll reach for a drink rather than the bud.

“…I love fruity mojitos.”

If you want to invite this Weed Girl out for a drink, we recommend that you order a mojito at the bar. Fruit flavored mojitos are Kissa’s favorite.

On Being a Weed Girl

One of the things she likes the most about being a part of Weed Girls is the relationship she has with the other models. All of the women are beautiful and open-minded, modern, kind and have a lot to offer, she says.

“I follow a bunch of people on Instagram.”

Our Weed Girl is always looking out for new photographers and models on Instagram, especially the ones that take pictures in line with her tastes. Her love for the art of modeling doesn’t end when she leaves a photo shoot.

Let’s Get Physical

If you look closely, you’ll find that thirteen tattoos adorn her body. She’s been getting tattoos since she was 18, the most meaningful of her cat, Popi.

According to Ari, her eyes are the most important part of her body. It seems that for this model, the eyes really are the “window to her soul!”

Light My Fire

The ideal gift would be any book she has on her reading list–but if you want to take her on the perfect date, all you have to do is get tickets for a musical festival.

“I want him to have a good time with me.”

If you’re a happy person, positive, responsible, live life to the fullest, have a good sense of humor and can make her laugh, then you’re the one our model has been looking for.

Her Spirit Animal

Even though her favorite animal is a cat, she still hasn’t fulfilled her craziest fantasy: bungee jumping. Every time Ariadna thinks about throwing herself off a bridge with an elastic rope tied around her waist, she remembers she’s only human and doesn’t have nine lives.

In her free time, she goes to the movies, plays videogames and immerses herself in nerd culture.

Personal Life

When she’s home alone, the model likes to unwind, listen to music, read and cook. If she feels lonely, she starts doing chores. It makes her feel like she’s “not alone, for some reason.”

“…I’m pretty sweet despite my strong character.”

This girl has a lot of personality; she thinks she’s pretty sweet despite having a strong character. She’s got a good head on her shoulders and is always open to new opinions, even if they’re different from her own.

If you want to take her to the movies, don’t even think about taking her to see a romantic comedy–she hates them! Try an action flick followed by a techno or reggaeton club and get your groove on.

Hear Me Roar

If she had as much power as the president of the country, she would think carefully about every decision she made. For Ari, power is delicate and big changes, while necessary, must be given a lot of thought.

One of these necessary changes would be the legalization of marijuana.


Ariadna (aka Kissa) lives in her hometown of Barcelona and works as a cultural manager in a business, overseeing the production of various services in Barcelona. She’s been lucky enough to find her dream job in the city she was born in and has never lived abroad.

That being said, Ari is a passionate traveler and has already been to Africa. Her next stop is Japan, if she’s lucky.

When asked to choose between the city, the forest or the mountains, Ari Kissa will choose to be in front of the sea. According to her, it’s a place that combines the elements of water, earth and wind.

In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, her reaction is practical: leave the city to evaluate the situation and go to a shop or supermarket for provisions.



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