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Beauty and the Weed

For Steffie, it’s hard to choose between indica and sativa because it all depends on her mood–she likes variety! Even so, if you ask her about her favorite strains, she’ll tell you her top three are AKA, Moby Dick and Amnesia.

“….marijuana is something that should be taken seriously.”

The first time she smoked marijuana was at a friend’s house and it was “a great experience,” our Weed Girl assures us. However, it wasn’t until two years after her first encounter with the plant that she started to smoke regularly and immersed herself in cannabis culture. Marijuana is now something very serious for her.

“…music is essential.”

When Steffie is high, music is essential. She also watches videos, especially documentaries, while stoned.

This Weed Girl loves to be taught a thing or two. Whether she’s with a guy or a girl, she loves good conversation and a fat joint; according to her, taking whatever lessons life throws at you is a priority.

On Being a Weed Girl

Being a Weed Girl makes Steffie feel special, and she’s very grateful to be able to take smoking marijuana to the next level. Unfortunately, being a part of this world can come with a negative connotation. While cannabis use is still considered by many to be taboo, Steffie is “very grateful to feel so welcomed by the [Weed Girls] community.”

“…during a photoshoot, I’m able to tame my fear.”

In front of the camera, Steffie feels confident, strong and as if she can overcome all of her fears.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

For her, there’s no comparison between the two. The truth is that while Steffie isn’t really a fan of alcohol, she loves the taste of a cold beer (including micheladas, a Mexican concoction of beer and tomato juice) and a shot of tequila when she’s with friends.

“A nice shot of tequila does the body good.”

Let’s Get Physical

Steffie is proud of her body. She admits to being in love with her hands and, like the rest of us, she’s absolutely infatuated with her tattoos. She has three very special tattoos on her right arm: Amy Winehouse, a pair of aviator glasses and a psychedelic banana.

“I lost count after [tattoo] 18…I think I’ve just stopped counting.”

Our Weed Girl’s body is truly a work of art. She got her first tattoo at age 16, and she swears that after the 18th tattoo she’s simply lost count. Her favorites are the ones that have a very personal meaning for her.

Light My Fire

If you want to get Steffie’s attention, all you need to do is have a good conversation with her and she melts.

“I like easy-going people. It’s what I need and what I don’t have.”

Need more tips on how to win her over? You should know that for her, connection is the most important, reliability is essential, having patience with her is necessary, serenity is something she needs in her life, ambition is something to be admired and a sense of humor is the key.

Keep in mind that she’s faithful when she connects with someone. Steffie is kind, flirtatious and likes to talk to people. She’s the type of girl that needs variety and if you ask her to make a decision between taking it fast and taking it slow, she’ll tell you “a little bit of both…”

Her Spirit Animal

While our Weed Girl is fascinated with jaguars, marine life is what really sparks her curiosity. Jellyfish and octopuses are among her favorite sea creatures and she says she’s obsessed with these ocean dwellers.

“…my homeland calls to me.”

Steffie is a free spirit and loves to travel. She’s been to Ecuador many times as part of her family is from there. Along with Barcelona, the South American country is one of her favorite places–according to her, Barcelona is the prettiest city in the world and Ecuador is the most beautiful country.

Personal Life

Steffie is a singer and she’s extremely passionate about music. She confesses that the craziest thing she’s ever done in her life is simply go out into the world and be herself. Modeling and acting are hobbies that make her heart soar. She’s also done voice over work, which has helped her widen her range of acting abilities.

When alone, she likes to sing, listen to music, cook, play with her pets and pamper herself with beauty creams.

This Weed Girl loves variety and dancing to funk and metal when at home are among her favorite pastimes–but when she’s out with friends her musical tastes transform and you can find her dancing to latin music and salsa.

Hear Me Roar

When asked what she would  do if she were president, Steffie replies she would throw the party of the century. But it’s not all fun and games for this beauty; she also has very strong opinions about cannabis rights.

“The legalization of marijuana] must be carried out.”

Legalization is important to her because in her opinion marijuana isn’t just for recreational use–it has many positive effects that should be studied but aren’t, thanks to cannabis regulation.

“At the end of the day we call [marijuana] a drug because we want to call it a drug,” says Steffie, when asked about more addictive prescription drugs and other legal substances, like alcohol.


Based in Barcelona, Steffie is a Scorpio, and has lived in the United States as well as England. In addition to working as a shop manager, she is also an apprentice of body piercing in a tattoo shop.

An avid singer since she was a little girl, she has combined her love of music with her professional life. The model is a huge fan of Maynard, the lead singer of Tool and A Perfect Circle; she also counts Chino Moreno (lead singer of Deftones) and Jonathan Davis (of Korn) among those she admires.

Steffie’s life would be perfect if she could live right in the middle of the beach and the mountains, as she has spent her entire life in the thick of the forest and is obsessed with the sea.

“…I would definitely smoke a joint and look for a bunch of food,” our Weed Girl declares if she were to find herself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.



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