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Beauty and the Weed

Ana was at a good time in her life when she tried weed for the first time. She was in high school and the seniors were going to smoke. She and her friends laughed their asses off as soon as the weed hit.

“…laugh by yourself and with your girlfriends.”

She doesn’t have a favorite strain since she’s always with friends and smokes what they have.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

Ana doesn’t usually smoke as often as she drinks. Being a party girl, she’d rather have a nice Jager with Red Bull.

On Being a Weed Girl

The thing she loves the most about being part of the Weed Girls community are her fellow models. She also feels comfortable with the production team because they’re respectful and friendly.

“…I’m with my body 24/7–I know my assets.”

This Weed Girl loves to combine both photography and video. She understands her body well and knows how to work it to her advantage. Like any other professional, Ana believes that models should be listened to as well.

Let’s Get Physical

Although she doesn’t know for sure, Ana says she must have at least 80 tattoos. When she was 18 she got her first tattoo, a feather, and even though it  doesn’t really stand out from the rest, you can still see it.

Her favorites are on her back, hands and stomach, but the most meaningful is of Shere Khan and Mowgli from The Jungle Book, her favorite story.

“I like my gap teeth.”

Ana likes her body and doesn’t really have a favorite part. That being said, she will admit that she likes the gap between her two front teeth. Some might see it as a defect, but Ana thinks her teeth are “sassy and special.”

Light My Fire

This girl know what she wants and has the list to prove it. If you want to win her over with a gift, it better be a van adorned with a design by artist James Cooper.

“… [someone] that understands that we all fail sometimes.”

In a relationship, the model looks for a guy that complements her–someone she can laugh and read with, while still maintaining her independence and space. He has to be truly positive and understanding. There are a lot of people that say they’re positive, only to reveal later that everything bothers them. Others say they’re understanding, but they don’t understand when people fail.

Ana needs someone genuine with a sense of adventure, who can “discover new cultures and not stay cooped up at home.”

Her Spirit Animal

Tattooed on the model’s back you’ll find a blue whale and an orca (aka killer whale), which she says represent her.

“…I met someone on the internet and then went to meet him in person.”

The craziest thing she’s ever done in her life is move to one of the Canary Islands to be with a guy she’d met on the internet. “It could’ve turned out badly,” confesses Ana, but luckily that wasn’t the case.

She’s a creative soul in every sense of the word. She draws, tattoos, sings and plays the guitar; and these make up just a few of the things our Weed Girl is passionate about.

Personal Life

When she’s alone, she likes to play the guitar and harmonica, lay in bed, read, write and sing in the shower. She has fun doing a lot of things at home, but cooking isn’t one of them. According to her, she’s “terrible at cooking” and just doesn’t like it.

“I think I’m sexy because of my attitude, not because I’m a stunning woman.”

Ana dances to everything and most would consider her a very sexy woman. Besides her body, she has a magnetic personality. She doesn’t usually show much cleavage and the truth is that she doesn’t need to in order to get attention. Even though she’s very naughty, she says she’s terrible at flirting.

She considers herself a woman of character–she knows what she wants and how she wants it. She’s the perfect combination between sweet and strong, girl-next-door and fun.

She likes to match the rhythm of the other person, keeping it natural: “sometimes fast, sometimes slow and sometimes even a bit timid,” says our model.

Hear Me Roar

If she had enough power to change the world, Ana would focus on schools. They would be a true place of learning because, in her opinion, traditional schools don’t teach you how to live.

“…we need to collect signatures.”

Ana believes that citizens should be free to choose and live their lives as they wish. The only way to legalize cannabis use is to collect signatures and participate actively in the fight.


A capricorn, Ana loves plants and works in hospitality. Her dream is to be able to work at a surf camp, and she won’t give up until she’s achieved her goal. She’s lived in the Canary Islands and currently resides in Barcelona.

Her favorite place in the world is Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, where she learned to live a simple life away from the city. India and Thailand are her bucket list destinations.

As a woman, she feels deep admiration for her father. If she hadn’t had a father figure in her life, she wouldn’t have inherited his critical thinking skills. He didn’t teach her what to think, but rather how to think, she says.

If she finds herself in a zombie apocalypse, Ana has a simple plan: she’ll take a boat far away and die in the high seas.



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