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Carolina’s Photoshoots

Carolina’s Biography

Beauty and the Weed

Ever since she was young, Carolina has been very curious. At age 14, she saw some friends smoking marijuana and she had to try it. You could say that at 15 she was already in a stable relationship with cannabis.

“…sativa during the day and indica at night.”

This is a girl that vibes off all kinds of strains, but her favorites are Purple Haze and Zkittlez. Our Weed Girl is in the habit of only smoking sativa during the day and indica at night.

When Carolina is high she loves to either take a walk and sit down to write. Being able to translate her feelings into words is very important for her.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

“…it’s more natural; and for its effects.”

When asked to choose between cannabis and alcohol, even though she likes both, Carolina will unhesitatingly choose cannabis. The effects of marijuana are much less aggressive on the body than those of alcohol, and it’s more natural.

Her favorite drink is the Cuba Libre, a mixed drink with rum, Coca-Cola and lime. She’s also partial to an alcohol that’s made of artichoke.

On Being a Weed Girl

For Carolina, being a model on the Weed Girls project is liberating and gratifying. Being able to smoke weed in her underwear, surrounded by beautiful women, is one of the best experiences she’s ever had.

“…connecting with the photographer so that everything comes out perfectly for both of us.”

According to Carolina, empathizing and creating a connection with the photographer is the most important during a photo shoot. It’s essential for her to feel comfortable; that way, she can express everything she wants to get across in the session.

Let’s Get Physical

With her mom’s permission, she got a star tattooed at the tender age of 14. Now 30 tattoos adorn her body, all of which she loves and which make up a part of who she is.

When we asked this Weed Girl what part of her body she liked the most, without missing a beat she replied her eyes, legs and stomach. Which is your favorite?

Light My Fire

“A gift? Three million euros!”

We asked our model what her ideal gift would be and she immediately replied “three million euros!” Realistically, though, if you take her on a trip you’ll really sweep her off her feet.

As far as relationships go, Carolina is looking for someone who can be her friend and is adventurous, respectful and above all, genuine.

Her Spirit Animal

This beauty is both active and artistic. Some of her favorite pastimes include making collages, painting, doing yoga and spending time outside.


Her spirit animal is the cat, says Carolina with a meow. She’s a daring girl and can be a bit reckless when her adrenaline rises. Once, she jumped into a pool without even making sure there was water in it–you know, cat stuff.

“I like adrenaline…”

She thinks of herself as a strong woman, a soldier, sexy (obviously), bold, adventurous and hyperactive. As a self-described adrenaline junkie, Carolina has tons of energy and needs to channel it somewhere, getting off on the fact that she never knows how one of her stunts will turn out.

Personal Life

When alone, the model unwinds by painting or making collages. She does yoga on a daily basis, especially when there’s a specific pose she hasn’t managed to master yet.

“…there’s no place like home.”

This Weed Girl also likes doing housework, especially cooking. Taking separate ingredients and putting them all together to make something tasty is deliciously satisfying for her.

“I don’t know if I know how to dance, but I can move to the beat.”

Carolina has an eclectic taste in music, ranging from classical to pop. When she parties with friends, which actually isn’t very often, she likes to let her body go and just get carried away by the beat. While she assures us she knows how to move, she’s not sure if she conforms to any particular style of dance.

Hear Me Roar

If she were in charge of a country, Carolina would abolish many of the laws and encourage the formation of a peaceful and collaborative society.

“…there are plenty of drugs that are stronger [than marijuana].”

Our model is tired of the hypocrisy in our society when it comes to cannabis use. There are legal drugs, like alcohol and pharmaceuticals, that she considers to be much worse.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carolina is a Capricorn woman rising in Aquarius. She currently calls Barcelona her home and is a member of a cannabis club in the city center.

She’d like to be an acrobatic yoga instructor, a field that she respects and loves. Carolina is still working towards this goal and is motivated, because according to her “if you want something, you have to try.”

When asked to choose between the beach and the mountains, this Weed Girl will tell you she likes both and appreciates the special things that each has to offer. She’s lived in different countries and loves to discover and learn from different cultures. If you were on a date and you asked her what her favorite place in the world was, she’d spend hours explaining to you how everywhere is unique and that each has something different to teach you.

One country still on her to-do list is Italy. Her family is originally from the Mediterranean country and she wants to discover her roots.

Carolina greatly admires female entrepreneurs, especially the fact that they’ve been able to gain respect in the public eye.

Faced with the zombie apocalypse, she would get together all of her loved ones so she could enjoy her last moments before the world ends.



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