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Beauty and the Weed

Our model’s favorite strain is California, and even though her first experience with weed wasn’t the best, she loves it now.

“… ugh…it hit me really hard…I didn’t feel good at all.“

She was almost 19 years old the first time she tried marijuana and had the itch to experiment. Unfortunately, it hit her too hard and she felt sick. Luckily, Claudia kept smoking in moderation until she got a taste for the good stuff.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

Claudia smokes more than she drinks. That being said, there’s a time for everything, including drinks.

“…I smoke weed more than I drink.”

Alcohol is for partying, the model says, while cannabis is more for chilling with friends, relaxing or meditation.

On Being a Weed Girl

Being a Weed Girl is something she enjoys more than she expected she would. Photo shoots have actually been very enriching for her and meeting the other models has been a gratifying experience. The Weed Girls project fits her like a glove.

Let’s Get Physical

Her lips are her favorite body part and, just like her friends, she thinks she has a beautiful smile. Claudia is always smiling and laughing, which she loves.

“…I got it done when I was 16 and it was dumb kid shit.”

Of her three tattoos, she has one that she loves and another, well, not so much. Her favorite symbolizes her entire family and can be found on her arm.

She got her least favorite tattoo at 16 and she admits that it wasn’t the best decision she’s made in her life.

Light My Fire

Claudia isn’t materialistic. If you want to be more than friends, a box of chocolate or gifts with more meaning than monetary value will make you stand out from the crowd. But if you want to buy her a yacht, don’t hold back–she won’t be offended!

She’s seen 50 First Dates over a hundred times, so if you really want to sweep her off her feet, invite her home for movie night. She thinks it’s touching that the man never gets tired of winning the heart of his love, every day of his life.

“I don’t have a [physical] type, but above all, honesty, happiness and compromise.”

Our model is more concerned with personality than looks. In a partner, she looks for honesty, happiness and a good sense of humor; she’s always smiling and doesn’t want to get involved with boring or bitter types.

Her Spirit Animal

“…there are so many crazy things…”

Our Weed Girl believes she still has plenty of crazy things to do, from going home with a stranger, to rock climbing to driving without a license. She’s not afraid of getting out of her comfort zone, either. Claudia’s spirit animal would definitely be a wolf–like her canine counterpart, she’s daring, bold and fearless.

This beauty is active, riding horses and playing soccer among some of her favorite activities. In fact, she’s been playing soccer since she was a little girl and it makes up an important part of her life.

Personal Life

Singing in the shower, dancing in the bathroom and playing with her dogs are just some of the things she does when she’s home alone–anything but do the dishes!

“…something to get me hyped–I’m not going to play some ballad or classical music to go out.”

This model spends just as much time with friends as she does alone and loves flamenco, reggaeton, bachata and salsa, the music that gets her moving.

She doesn’t just like to dance, but she also loves learning different styles of dance, and she’s always ready to move to the beat. That’s why she can’t stand to see her friends leaning against the walls at a party and always pulls them out to the floor.

According to her, if you move too quickly you miss the details and if you move too slowly you could do to enjoy things more. Everything takes time and there’s a time for everything, “that’s how life is.”

Hear Me Roar

When imagining a position of absolute power in her country, Claudia demonstrates a more serious side as opposed to her usual party animal attitude. She has a strong sense of justice and would clean up corrupt institutions and make those responsible pay without giving it a second thought.


Claudia defines herself as kind, loyal, a good friend who’s always smiling and above all, very respectful. She feels a profound respect for people and is very grateful for things that others do. If you help her out, she’ll return the favor ten fold. She loves to make people happy.

She’s always thought that looks aren’t everything since they’re something that fade over time. Character, on the other hand, is more important to her than anything. You can count on the fact you’ll never get tired of being with her.

“…I need the sea, I need hidden coves…I long for it.”

She yearns to be near the beach and loves the water. The beach is better than the mountains and even though she likes the forest to go camping, she hates bugs. One of her dreams is to travel Hawaii, so we think she would be a perfect wine taster at the beach–yes, it’s a thing!

She admits to being in love with Angelina Jolie, who she admires in every way. In Claudia’s opinion, she’s the perfect woman: not only the most beautiful woman in the world, but also an excellent actress.

“…I would get my people together and stuff myself with food.”

In a zombie apocalypse, her survival instincts would cause her to get all of her family together and look for food. Could there be anything better than a barbecue while the world is ending? Claudia doesn’t think so.



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