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Beauty and the Weed

Daniela is a marijuana connoisseur and has tried just about everything, from the run-of-the-mill to the dankest of the dank. Of all the strains she’s tried, her favorite is Amnesia, which gives her a functioning high.

“…I roll myself a joint and jump into bed.”

After a joint, our Weed girl takes a power nap and gets ready to take on the day. Marijuana doesn’t make her sleepy–it just calms her down and clears her mind.

Besides getting her ready for work, Daniela also likes to smoke when eating, watching TV, singing or chatting with her girlfriends.

“…it’s all about getting high and laughing…”

She had her first joint at 14. While she was waiting to feel the effects hit, she was extremely nervous. In the end, she just ended up laughing and had a great time surrounded by her friends.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

Alcohol doesn’t hold a candle to cannabis for Daniela. Not much of a drinker herself, she hates when people drink in excess as she’s had bad experiences with alcoholics. You’ll rarely find her with a drink in hand; the model will usually opt for weed and water.

“…I’m against alcohol and am always down for marijuana.”

The rare times that Daniela does drink, she’ll usually go for rum. In her opinion, marijuana doesn’t damage the body as much as alcohol. That said, she respects all choices and doesn’t have anything against people that drink in moderation. But she just can’t get her head around the fact that it’s socially acceptable to drink in the street while at the same time looked down on to smoke a joint in public.

On Being a Weed Girl

Daniela loves being a part of Weed Girls. It’s not just the fact she gets quality photos taken while surrounded by weed, either; being able to meet other girls that feel the same way as herself about cannabis is really gratifying. She feels like a part of the family. Not to mention the production team makes her feel right at home, taken care of and generally just spoiled.

“…there’s a connection between the photographer and the model.”

Looking at the camera from the corner of her eye and feeling like a goddess while doing it is all part of the photo shoot experience. As a model, nothing is more liberating than being on the same page with the photographer.

Let’s Get Physical

Our model has been getting tattooed since she was just 15 years old. Even though she’s a cat person (she’s never had a dog), her favorite tattoo is canine. She’s in love with this one because it was done by her favorite artist Madame Buraka, making the whole experience very special for Daniela.

“…I was fascinated by other girls’ legs…”

When she started to fill out and go through her growth spurt, the model suddenly became fascinated with her girlfriends’ legs. She also realized that hers were long, shapely and the most beautiful, which is why they’re her favorite asset.

Light My Fire

If you’re looking to get into a relationship with this beauty, there are five qualities you’ll need to have to make her happy:

  • Patience: someone who knows how to be supportive when she’s not at her best.
  • Attentive: someone who knows how to show her their love.
  • Caring: someone sweet.
  • Ambitious: someone that isn’t content where they’re at, but wants to grow and strive for more.
  • Healthy: someone that takes care of themselves and doesn’t do drugs. It’s no big deal whether you smoke or not. The main thing is that you’re a person who respects their body.

If you get lucky enough to invite her over for a movie night at home, you can’t go wrong with a classic Disney movie.

Her Spirit Animal

Daniela’s favorite animals are cats. She has one and wouldn’t trade it for the world. You could say that felines represent her as she lives every day as an adventure. There’s nothing that can contain this daring and adventurous beauty.

The model is always drawing, whether at home alone, on a plane…wherever and whenever she can, expressing herself while doing something she loves.

“…I like to take it slow and savor every moment…”

This girl would rather take it slow–going too fast doesn’t give Daniela the chance to live the moment or allow her to take the experience in.

Personal Life

This Weed Girl is a neat freak and needs to have an impeccable environment in order to smoke weed and draw–very Feng Shui.

Whether alone or with friends, she gets down to the beats of reggaeton, rap and hip hop, especially if you play her a track by her favorite Mallorcan artist, Rels B.

Our model considers herself to be a kind person, sweet, generous and friendly, but most important of all, she doesn’t hold grudges. This gentle soul believes it’s more important to give without expecting anything in return, but if it’s obvious you don’t appreciate her gesture, she’ll simply remove herself from the situation without giving it a second thought.

Hear Me Roar

If Daniela were president of her country, she would legalize cannabis and regulate the market so that everyone had the opportunity to get involved, consumers and suppliers alike. Because weed is a narcotic, she would make sure to provide consumers with information regarding the use and effects of the plant. According to the model, everyone should be able to make a well-informed decision on whether to smoke or not.

“Damn, that girl can smoke!”

Educating others about cannabis is essential in order to do away with prejudice and eradicate stigma. It’s crucial that people stop singling out those people, especially women, that choose to smoke. Using cannabis doesn’t make a person better or worse than any other.

Because its many healing properties, Daniela would like everyone to be able to legally obtain quality marijuana.


Daniela works nights at a club in Barcelona while she spends her afternoons as a tattooist’s apprentice. Her dream is to become a tattoo artist and so far she’s dedicated two years to the profession.

Independent as well as attractive, this beauty has been learning the ways of the world and making it on her own since she was 18.

Daniela has travelled throughout Europe, Central America and many Asian countries, and is currently planning a trip to North America and Africa. Her favorite places in the world are Bali, Germany and Singapore.



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