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Elvira’s Biography

Beauty and the Weed

When Elvira tried weed for the first time at 14, it was thanks to a stoner friend of hers. She doesn’t have very clear memories of her first marijuana session but she’s sure she had a great time since she couldn’t stop laughing.

“…I was cracking up.”

Our Weed Girl doesn’t have a favorite strain and she doesn’t consider herself an expert in cannabis culture, but she definitely won’t say no to the weed that people offer or give to her.

Besides hanging out with friends when she’s high, Elvira loves watching comedies. She laughs a lot and the jokes are way funnier than when sober.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

If you go out for a night on the town with Elvira, your best bet is to share a toast over a Puerto de Indias gin with Sprite, the model’s preferred drink. If you’re staying in for a quiet night with friends, make sure to roll up a joint.

Depending on the occasion, she may go with marijuana or alcohol and sometimes both. She enjoys drinking just as much as smoking.

On Being a Weed Girl

Like all the Weed Girls models, Elvira has great chemistry with her colleagues and enjoys the experience. She feels like the production team takes care of her.

“…it’s when I really feel like a diva.”

During photo shoots, our Weed Girl brings out her inner diva and celebrity. In front of the camera she feels beautiful and forgets all of her problems. She’s able to set aside the real world for a moment and simply have a completely different experience.

Let’s Get Physical

This beauty has 8 tattoos, her first done at 17 years old. On her right arm you’ll find her most special tattoo, a picture of her two dogs that she “loves like crazy.”

“…a great smile is important.”

The first thing that catches Elvira’s attention is a smile, which is probably why her own smile and bright teeth are her favorite feature.

Light My Fire

On movie night opt for the model’s favorite, The Intouchables. She’s already seen it five times, but will assure you that a sixth isn’t a problem at all.

“I’m not a very materialistic girl.”

If you plan on giving her a gift, remember that for Elvira it needs to have a special meaning and intention. It’s the little things that count. A handwritten love letter will be much more valuable to her than jewelry or anything else you can buy.

What she values most in a boyfriend is that he makes her laugh, especially when she’s angry. Laughter is the best medicine and it’s something she really appreciates in her other half. Having common interests with her partner is essential, whether it be sports, music, games or nerd culture.

Her Spirit Animal

Up until now Elvira hasn’t done anything too risky, but some of her dream adventures include skydiving and bungee jumping. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to do either yet since they can be pretty pricey and she has other priorities.

Dogs are her favorite animal and she has two, but she’s also fascinated by big cats as they “hypnotize” her.

Personal Life

At home, she sings in the shower, gives herself manicures, puts on hair masks and generally just pampers herself all while listening to a Spotify list that’s perfect for the house. She loves dancing by herself or with a partner and dances to everything.

“I’m sexy but sweet at the same time.”

Elvira is a woman that considers herself both sexy and sweet. Most people think she’s high maintenance and moody, but when you really get to know her you’ll realize that she’s actually a really sweet and humble person.

Hear Me Roar

As the leader of her country, she would focus on making abandoning pets a criminal act as well as on prohibiting animal cruelty and poaching. In her opinion, animals are entitled to having rights and cruelty shouldn’t continue to be accepted by society.

In addition to animal rights, Elvira would also take charge of the fight for the legalization of marijuana with one caveat: smoking should be controlled by the law and regulated to designated spaces. Just like tobacco, not everyone likes marijuana and she believes that all citizens should be respected.


Born a Capricorn in Andorra, Elvira currently lives in Barcelona and works on and off as a hostess until she can finish her studies.

Our model is studying for her life’s dream of becoming a veterinarian. She’d like to be constantly traveling, but for now her priority is finishing school and starting her career.

Strangely enough, she says that during the zombie apocalypse she would eat an extra large ham and cheese pizza. At least she hasn’t said anything about eating brains–yet.



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