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Beauty and the Weed

Fabiola’s first experience with cannabis was at 17. Being new to weed, she ate the biggest piece of an edible brownie and got completely baked.

The model prefers sativas, and when she smokes she loves to eat. Fortunately, eating is one of her passions.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

Fabiola knows how to balance her taste for both alcohol and cannabis. For her, there’s nothing better than a cold beer and few hits from a joint.

If you’re at a party with this beautiful Weed Girl and want to buy her a drink, keep in mind that a classic gin and tonic is her favorite mixed drink, but she craves beer when it’s hot.

On Being a Weed Girl

“…I’m a selfie model.”

Being a part of Weed Girls has been an incredible experience for this beauty. She had never modeled before, except for her smartphone.

Fabiola feels very comfortable with everyone on the production team. She loved modeling for us and from everyone here at Weed Girls, we loved working with her.

“…I don’t know how to pose or any of those kinds of things.”

At first, our Weed Girl wasn’t sure about how to pose or move her body, but thanks to the photographer’s direction she was able to get over her insecurity and feel comfortable in the situation.

This beautiful woman has found a new profession: being a Weed Girls model!

Let’s Get Physical

When she turned 17, Fabiola got her first tattoo and her first piercing. Now, she has an impressive 42 tattoos and she doesn’t plan to stop there!

“…I love my lips!”

Fabiola is in love with her arms and her long legs, but her favorite asset are her lips. “They’re just beautiful.”

Light My Fire

Taking our model out to eat is the best gift you could give her. The way to this girl’s heart is through her stomach.

“….I have to like him right away. I don’t have a type.”

Fabiola needs to feel chemistry. She isn’t the kind of girl that has a type, but there are three fundamental qualities that she falls for:

  1. A person who loves her for who she is, and that can put up with her whims.
  2. Someone who respects all living beings, including animals.
  3. A man who is responsible and committed.

Horror movies are perfect for date night. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the model’s favorite.

Her Spirit Animal

Fabiola is an active woman that needs to spend a lot of time at the gym. Eating and feeling healthy make her the most happy.

Her favorite animals are cats and horses. She actually shares a lot of qualities with both.

Personal Life

Our Weed Girl confessed to us that she loves to clean because she finds it very relaxing. Not one corner of her house is out of order.

Her taste in music has changed a lot over the years. Starting out as a goth punk rocker when she was younger, Fabiola has made the leap to salsa, merengue and reggaeton.

“…super powerful and also self-sufficient.”

She considers herself to be a versatile, adaptable and strong woman. Fabiola always looks on the bright side–she’s learned to face the difficult moments in her life with integrity.

Hear Me Roar

“…[marijuana] shouldn’t be criminalized.”

If she were president, Fabiola would legalize the use, purchase and sale of cannabis. At this point, knowing all the therapeutic benefits of marijuana and with so many consumers, it’s incredible that it’s still illegal, says our Weed Girl.


Originally from Venezuela, Fabiola is a nurse, a profession which she truly enjoys. She’s lived in Barcelona for six years so far and she sees it as one of the places in Europe that suits the best. She needs the sun and the beach and can’t stand the cold.

Fabiola greatly admires Slava Satana, one of our dearest Weed Girls. They’re been friends for over 20 years. According to her, Slava is a fierce and powerful woman: two kids, a bombshell, her own brand, her image…Fabiola simply adores her.

Faced with the zombie apocalypse, our model would make food her top priority. For her, eating is essential.



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