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Beauty and the Weed

Nerea tried marijuana at a very early age and always had access to cannabis. That being said, she remembers that her first time wasn’t a very pleasant experience and she couldn’t stop coughing.

“…I owe my life [to marijuana].”

At 15, she was smoking every day. Marijuana has helped the model face issues like anxiety and nerves, which is why she prefers cannabis to any other substance. From a wake and bake to a midnight toke, if Nerea isn’t high she isn’t a functioning member of society.

Smoking helps her to self reflect and solve problems, feel inspired, read and get really into movies.

Unable to smoke sativas due to their negative effect on her nerves, her favorite strain is the tried and true indica, Kush.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

Marijuana will always be her first choice, coming before alcohol or any other substance.

Before asking her what her favorite drink is, it’s probably wiser to ask about her favorite strain. If weed just isn’t an option, she might have a Red Bull whisky.

On Being a Weed Girl

Nerea loved chilling with the other girls during their photo shoots. She confesses that she had a great time while working since she didn’t stop eating or smoking.

“…I believe in this project. It’s original and it has a bright future.”

The model feels very lucky to be a part of the Weed Girls family. She really believes in the project and is convinced that it’s a sure thing with a bright future.

Modeling has helped her feel good about herself and has given her a lot of confidence, including helping her to overcome insecurities.

Let’s Get Physical

Our Weed Girl has nine tattoos, two of which are her favorite: one of Clint Eastwood and the other an extremely meaningful image of an eye on her right arm.

“I don’t regret it.”

At 16, Nerea got her first tattoo in Brazil, where she had lived for three months in order to be with a boy she was in love with. You can find the ink on her left foot and despite the story behind it, she still loves the tattoo to this day.

“They’re sacred to me and I take care of them with devotion.”

The model’s favorite feature are her hands. She takes special care of them and dedicates plenty of time to pampering them.

Light My Fire

If you’re wondering what type of trinket will call her attention, antique books are your best bet. A fat joint would do the trick as well.

On a movie night in make sure your choice is in line with Nerea’s tastes. Western movies are her favorite and anything by Stanley Kubrick will definitely be a hit.

Her Spirit Animal

Nerea is an out-of-the-ordinary, out-of-this-world woman. That’s why she identifies with animals that fly–she’s always in the clouds and never has her feet planted on the ground. She considers herself to be an oddball, loves to read, watch documentaries and is interested in anything that has to do with ancient gods, the occult and conspiracies.

“I’ve done plenty of crazy things in my life, some I regret and others I don’t.”

The craziest thing she’s ever done was move to Brazil on a whim for love.

Personal Life

Our model is crazy, bold, shameless and runs at the first sign of boredom. When she’s at home she watches documentaries, reads and listens to music to unwind. She sings in the shower too, but admits that she’s not that much of a singer.

“…I’m not a professional but I don’t think I’m that bad.”

Whether with friends or alone, she loves getting down to hip hop, reggae and and dancehall. She just lets her body move and has natural rhythm.

Hear Me Roar

As president of her country, Nerea would ensure that everyone had the same rights and opportunities for economic growth. According to her, people are entitled to a job, a roof over their head and for their children to have a guaranteed meal.

“Why is whisky legal, something you have to distill, but not a plant?”

If she could, she would legalize marijuana so that everyone could have access to the healing plant that has so many more uses besides recreational. The model is living proof that cannabis can improve quality of life for a person with serious anxiety issues.


Marijuana is part of Nerea’s routine; she doesn’t just smoke weed, but works at a cannabis club, as well. You might be tempted to say it’s her dream job, but she’s aiming higher for a job in the cannabis industry. For now, though, being a part of the association is a great experience and she feels like she’s part of a family.

So far the model hasn’t had the opportunity to work and make a life outside of Spain, but would one day love to travel to exotic beaches. Her ideal destinations are the Maldives or Fiji.

During the zombie apocalypse, our Weed Girl would seek shelter in an abandoned mansion in the company of her family and her plants. She’s always had this planned out for “some strange reason.”



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