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Beauty and the Weed

Sheila loves weed, especially if it’s Kush. When high, some of her favorite things are watching Netflix and talking to her friends.

“…I didn’t [smoke weed] again for six months.”

She was 18 when she decided to try weed for the first time and remembers it as a fun experience filled with laughter and good conversation.

The second time she tried weed wasn’t as great. For some reason the joint hit her badly and it would be half a year before she tried it again. Even so, she started smoking again, enjoying the plant despite the bad experience. Now, she’s completely over that  second session and smokes regularly.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

“…I don’t like getting wasted.”

Although our model loves mojitos, she prefers smoking weed to drinking. She’s not a big fan of alcohol and isn’t into getting drunk.

Smoking is her favorite pastime and she can spend a whole night rolling joints.

On Being a Weed Girl

Being a part of Weed Girls has encourage Sheila to get to know more people like her, those that use cannabis regularly.

She assures us that her experiences with photoshoots and the other models have always been really positive and that she would definitely do it again.

“…I’m doing what I would be doing in my house anyway–smoking.”

During Weed Girls photoshoots, the model felt like another person, empowered and in tune with herself. Everything just seemed to flow–all she had to do was what she always does at home: smoke a fat joint and have fun.

Let’s Get Physical

This cannabis lover is also a tattoo connoisseur and has more than 15 tattoos. Her favorite, a lettering tattoo, can be found on her right arm and according to her, doesn’t require explanation. It reads: Sometimes it’s the person that nobody believes capable of anything that does the things nobody imagines.

Light My Fire

Even though this Weed Girl isn’t looking for her soul mate, these tips might just change her mind:

  • She loves sincere and intelligent people.
  • If you’re thoughtful, show it by doing the little things.
  • Show your extroverted side and let loose.
  • The perfect gifts are candy and weed, extra points for cannabis-infused candy.

Her Spirit Animal

Our model loves dogs and considers them to be the best thing that have ever happened to her.

Sheila describes herself as unpredictable. She loves dance, photography, the movies, reading, writing poems and painting. While unsure of where to focus, she knows that art will always play a big part in her life.

“…a whole night, no underwear.”

The craziest thing she’s ever done is go out all night in a miniskirt without wearing any underwear. Our model confesses that she didn’t feel very confident that night.

Personal Life

When alone, she watches Netflix and needs to have the music up high since she can’t shower without listening to music.

Sheila is also a bit of a paradox–even though she isn’t really a fan of pastries, she’s a great baker. This girl doesn’t fail to surprise whoever gets to know her. One moment she might be listening to classical music and the next to rock, trap or reggaeton. There aren’t many things she doesn’t like, but bachata is one of them.

When she’s with her friends she always just goes with the flow. They might go to a techno or reggaeton party and she’ll dance regardless–she needs to move her body. In fact, Sheila has studied various types of dance.

Hear Me Roar

Regarding marijuana legalization in Spain, Sheila has her doubts. She doesn’t trust politicians and the people that do business in her country and worries that they would manipulate regulations to their advantage in order to make money at the price of consumers.

“I can’t get rid of the monarchy, but that’s what I would do.”

Sheila doesn’t approve of the monarchy and as president of her country the first thing she would do is prohibit evictions and pay off home mortgages. In her opinion, everyone has the right to a home.


She gave her mother a New Year’s Eve to remember, coming into this world on December 31st in a hospital in Igualada, Barcelona.

While Sheila greatly respects her current job at a well-known copy business, her dream is to be able to dedicate herself completely to art. She follows poets and transcendent authors in the art world.

Andalucia is her favorite place, but she would love to travel and discover the world. There are lots of places she dreams of going, including Mexico and Finland. Visiting Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul and seeing the northern lights in person are on her bucket list.

If you ask her whether she likes the beach or the forest better, she’ll tell you that “as long as there are people around it doesn’t matter if it’s the beach, the forest or the city–I’m going to get overwhelmed.”



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