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Slava’s Biography

Beauty and the Weed

When Dalí (aka Slava Satana) is high, she likes to chill and watch a Hayao Miyazaki movie, the Japanese director of Spirited Away and other animated films. She finds the beauty of the animation and the music enchanting, especially after a few weed brownies. Slava Satana doesn’t smoke, but she’s into edibles.

“…they rolled [a joint] and passed it to me. I remember the paper tasted like strawberries.”

At 13, Dalí had skipped a grade. All of her friends were older and had tried marijuana, except for her.

One day, she decided to crash the local university and ask a group of students if they would sell her a joint. To her surprise, they told her no but that they would share the doobie they were smoking. She would never forget the taste of the strawberry rolling paper.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

Between marijuana and alcohol, she’ll choose a cocktail. With alcohol, the model feels more in control than when under the influence of cannabis and knows when to stop drinking.

Slava is the type of woman that always loves a good rum, but her favorite mixed drink is the White Russian.

On Being a Weed Girl

“…I throw myself into the role and I love to act it out.”

In front of the camera, Dalí really gets into the role the photographer directs her to so that the shoot flows naturally. It’s essential for her to know what her motivation is.

“…it’s like a family.”

Slava Satana has had a great time during all the Weed Girls photo shoots. The excellent work environment with the other girls and the production team makes her feel like she’s part of a family.

Let’s Get Physical

For this model, the eyes are the window into the soul and her eyes are her favorite feature. She tells us she’s much more beautiful and erotic on the inside than on the outside.

“The only thing I see now are holes.”

She had her first tattoo done at just 15 and you can still find the unfinished Japanese-style snake on her back. Our Weed Girl can’t tell you how many tattoos she has, but what she can do is tell you how many empty spaces there are, or “holes” as she calls them. Slava looks at these uninked spaces and thinks that she might get Vampirella, of horror and erotic comic fame, next.

Her favorite tattoo is an image of Maria Lionza and can be found on her right leg. Slava tells us that the figure represents the goddess of fertility and the earth, worshipped by the indigenous tribes of Venezuela. The history of this deity is special, Slava notes, as she believes the goddess represents her.

Light My Fire

Slava needs someone to complement her. Regardless of whether they’re a man or a woman, her partners have always brought balance to her life.

When you first meet the model, you probably won’t find her very sociable and she can also be very impatient, which is why her partner must have both of these traits.

“…this is what I fall in love with,” says Slava, tapping her index finger to her temple.

The love of her life won’t just be friendly, sweet and charismatic, but they also have to make her smile and laugh with their jokes, be her best friend, share similar interests like movies and videogames…but most importantly they must be intelligent and talkative. In other words, someone who can keep up a conversation with her.

A sketchbook and pencil would be the perfect gift, if you’re the type of person to notice details. Dalí is a fashion designer and is looking to expand her collection of materials to sketch out her dresses.

Her Spirit Animal

“I like contact sports.”

Cats, panthers and sharks are among this beauty’s favorite animals. Slava Satana is without a doubt a fierce woman, full of life. She loves the roller derby and going to the gym to stay in shape.

Our Weed Girl isn’t completely reckless, though. She also likes to stay at home playing video games, and the craziest thing she’s ever done was steal cheese from the supermarket.

Personal Life

When at home, our model adores just listening to music, sleeping, playing video games or watching an anime or some other movie. But there’s one thing she really loves to do: cook. She loves making sweets–and her salads are to die for.

“I always listen to music on my phone.”

It doesn’t matter if Slava is alone or with friends, she’s always listening to music.

When she’s alone, she has a playlist that only she can enjoy which includes tracks from rock, K-pop, classical and hip hop all the way to reggaeton.

If she’s with friends, it’s pretty easy for her to go with the flow–she dances to everything and she likes everything, except electronica.

“I’m not sexy!”

Slava is witty and tells us she has a good sense of humor and a strong character. Surprisingly, she doesn’t see herself as a sexy woman.

Hear Me Roar

If she had absolute power in her home country, she would clean house, politically speaking. Dalí would bring Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, to justice and she would make sure that he and his cronies received the maximum penalty for their crimes.

“…it’s taking awhile.”

When we asked her what she thought about cannabis legalization, she quickly told us that it should have already been legal everywhere.

Dalí (a.k.a. Slava)

“I’m working on it and I want it to be available worldwide.”

Slava Satana works in a cannabis club in Barcelona and is a fashion designer. She already has her own brand, Slava’s Clothes and is living her dream. She has high hopes for this personal project, and is working to make the brand available internationally.

Our model greatly respects Iris Van Herpen and Thierry Mugler, two designers that she really likes and turns to as a reference.

“I’m kind of a fanatic for Japanese culture.”

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Slava has lived in the United States and in Europe. She likes to travel and hopes to one day travel from Korea to Japan by ferry.

The beaches of Venezuela are her favorite places in the world. Because of her love for the sea, in a zombie apocalypse she would go to the beach with a shotgun since everyone knows that zombies don’t know how to swim.



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