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Beauty and the Weed

“I was into experimenting when I was younger.”

As soon as she was legal, Vanessa tried weed for the first time with friends. She was living in England at the moment and, far from home, it was an exciting time for her. Living abroad at the tender age of 18 creates the perfect environment for experimentation.

All that Vanessa remembers of her first time with weed is getting really sleepy. It wasn’t until three years later that she tried Creepy and really enjoyed the experience.

“Make love and eat!”

This Weed Girl doesn’t smoke all the time, but when she does it’s to enjoy the pleasures of life. A joint packed with sativa is perfect for having a good time with her friends, sleeping like a baby or for luxuriating in some good sex. And the best thing is the appetite she gets that lets her eat like crazy–Vanessa loves eating.

Alcohol or Cannabis?

While she knows how to have fun while smoking, Vanessa still prefers drinking alcohol most of the time. Weed relaxes her too much and she considers herself an active woman.

“…I love the smell, the taste and the sweetness.”

Vanessa has a weakness for Bailey’s and a bottle of wine; there’s just something about the smell and the flavor of these drinks that intoxicates her.

On Being a Weed Girl

Being a part of Weed Girls encourages the freedom to be who you are without judgement. Vane feels like she can express her feminine power by defying stereotypes about women and cannabis.

“I’m very expressive and my body and my face give away everything that’s on my mind.”

She likes to connect with the photographer with her eyes. A good photographer can capture her emotions through her gaze, which expose her sensuality, her fragility, her happiness–the list goes on.

Let’s Get Physical

At 23, she had her first tattoo done. Two years later she got her third and, for now, her last tattoo. She designed the most recent herself–it’s very meaningful to her because it represents travel, family, passion, protection and friendship.

“…you’ll understand everything just by looking into my eyes.”

When asked what she likes most about her body, she’ll tell you it’s her eyes. Vanessa doesn’t need to talk much as her look is so expressive.

She’s also grateful for her voluptuous breasts. Not only are they natural, but they’re also sensual. “They’re one of the most beautiful and erotic assets a woman has,” says Vane.

Light My Fire

If you want to give her a gift, perfume and gadgets would be among some of your options. That being said, for this Weed Girl it’s the thought that counts rather than the price of the item.

The most important thing for this beauty is loyalty, respect, sincerity, intelligence and a sense of humor. You need to have or at least work on these traits if you want to win her heart.

“…I’m a cinephile–I love movies.”

You’ll win points with Vane if you take her to the movies, but keep in mind that she’s not into action movies or musicals (although she loves Sweeney Todd). Directors like Kubrick, Almodovar and Tarantino really get her going.

Her Spirit Animal

Her favorite animal is the cat, which isn’t surprising since she’s a bold and adventurous woman. The craziest thing she’s ever done in her life was leave of her comfort zone to find her place in the world of dance, leaving behind a well-paid job in Mexico City. Currently she’s working on learning different styles of dance and playing a lot of volleyball.

“The first time I posed naked in front of a camera was really intense.”

Posing naked was a turning point in her life; she had to let go of social stigma and the opinion of others. It wasn’t easy to do, but today she feels more free than ever.

Personal Life

When she’s alone she cooks while her best friend cleans, that’s the deal. As you would expect from a cinephile, she also watches TV shows and movies.

“Of course I know how to dance; I even dance to car alarms!”

Vanessa is very latina and she loves to dance, alone or with a partner. She loves to move her hips to the beats of reggaeton, hip hop and dancehall, but she’s also a proper dancer and knows jazz, bachata, salsa and zouk.

This Colombian beauty describes herself as sweet, romantic, cheerful, positive and difficult to understand. She always tries to show her best side. That said, she confides to us that she’s also a soldier and very clever, she loves a good challenge and that no one can stop her.

Hear Me Roar

Due to the medicinal and recreational properties of marijuana, Vanessa supports the legalization of cannabis. She believes that every one of us should be free to choose and shouldn’t be hypocritical since there are plenty of other, worse vices that no one makes a big deal over.

“Education is the foundation on which a country grows and develops…”

If she were president of her country, the first thing she would do is make quality education free for all Colombians.


Born in Colombia, Vanessa is a graphic designer by trade. She’s currently fighting for her dream of being a dancer and teaches bachata in Spain and in Argentina.

Vanessa loves the beach as well as contradictions and because of that she’s in love with Ibiza. This Balerian island is an epicenter for fun, parties and warm people while at the same time laying claim to beautiful beaches, hidden spots and incredible, peaceful sunsets.

“[Korke y Judith] revolutionized the world of dance, creating a new style of latin dance. They’re the most humble, talented and passionate people there are.”

She follows and greatly admires Korke and Judith, a dance duo that created bachata sensual. For Vanessa, they are “an inspiration and an example to follow.”

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

I would be happy if the worst people “died” and from there we’d be able to create a new society that protects the environment.



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