What is the origin of Cannabis?

Did you know that the origin of cannabis goes back over 10,000 years? Click here to learn about the origin and fascinating global history of cannabis.

What is the origin of Cannabis?2019-07-18T15:41:40+01:00

Marijuana vs. Pharmaceuticals

As marijuana becomes legal in an increasing number of countries across the globe, many are turning to weed as a natural, effective and non-addictive alternative and/or supplement to prescription pharmaceuticals. Click here to learn more.

Marijuana vs. Pharmaceuticals2019-07-10T09:14:50+01:00

420 Meaning: The History of “Weed Day”

Many of us celebrate 420 and, even when we look at the clock, we choose 420 as an ideal time to enjoy a joint, but do we really know the reason?

420 Meaning: The History of “Weed Day”2019-04-18T14:10:00+01:00


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