Cooking High with Mr. Cookie

At the premiere of our new channel Cooking High, our Weed Girls Slava and Fabita are going to try Mr. Cookie recipe of magical cookies.

Cooking High with Mr. Cookie2019-09-26T11:41:25+01:00

Weed lovers and girls already have their own magazine

Weed Girls Magazine was created with the idea of having a presence out of the screens of our laptops, tablets, and smartphones, in places where people could actually interact with our product.

Weed lovers and girls already have their own magazine2019-03-26T15:11:55+00:00

Weed Girls at Spannabis 2019

Cannabis lovers around the world celebrated 16th edition of the Spannabis in Barcelona. The Weed Girls were present, spending some time with the attendees, distributing Weed Girls Calendar 2019 and more!

Weed Girls at Spannabis 20192019-03-21T12:55:30+00:00


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