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CBD and Pets | Weed Girls

Do you know all the benefits your pet can get from CBD? Learn about the safe ways to use CBD on your pet.

CBD and Pets | Weed Girls2023-09-14T09:08:10+01:00

Meet the “weed nuns”

Meet the weed nun that preach the way of cannabis and cultivate this unique plant.

Meet the “weed nuns”2019-05-24T11:59:18+01:00

Cannabis lubricant? Why not!?

Cannabis beauty and care products are the next big thing in the cannabis industry. Click here to find out more about cannabis lifestyle.

Cannabis lubricant? Why not!?2019-05-16T15:17:47+01:00

The first Cannabis cooking contest

The first-ever competitive cannabis cooking show. Netflix announced the premiere of a cooking show where the principal ingredient is marijuana. Click here to know more about it!

The first Cannabis cooking contest2019-05-08T12:34:03+01:00

How to smoke marijuana from a bong?

The first thing we have to tell you is that Bongs are a tool that has become very popular lately, however many skilled smokers have always turned almost anything into a bong.

How to smoke marijuana from a bong?2019-05-02T15:22:21+01:00

420 Meaning: The History of “Weed Day”

Many of us celebrate 420 and, even when we look at the clock, we choose 420 as an ideal time to enjoy a joint, but do we really know the reason?

420 Meaning: The History of “Weed Day”2019-04-18T14:10:00+01:00


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